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How Has the VW Diesel Fiasco Affected You?

You would think that a major automaker has never cheated in some way before with the amount of attention the VW software-cheating TDIs are getting. Every tenth or so tweet I see is about it, every second business article I see is about it; this is definitely killing some of that VW reputation (or maybe lack thereof). But, what does this truly mean for owners of these environment-killing machines? How do you guys feel about it?

Tales of a Longing Lust: Yours Truly wants a Twin

Intriguing, you say?

I have a problem. That problem is that I’m an idiot. Yes, very dumb indeed. You see I bought a car that I don’t want any more. Wait, hold on, let me back up a moment…

Road Rage: Two Wheels Against Four

This video of a man assaulting a biker and his girlfriend has been passed around on social media and on the “interwebz” over the past few days. Though this case is a pretty extreme one, biker-hate is a thing motorcyclists need to deal with on a regular basis. The question is: why?

Share the Road

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There’s a lot of advertisement surrounding the whole “sharing the road” motto, but most of them concern cyclists, pedestrians and cars. It’s almost as though motorcycles are in a category of their own. Because somehow, people who have never driven a motorcycle think that opting to purchase and drive one is acknowledging that we are putting our own life in danger and that we should be disregarded for doing so.

Hot Cars, Tall Tales

We’ve changed a lot of things, mostly for the better, but safety in the ’70s was at the very least interesting.

I was at a car club meeting a few weeks ago and a few of the guys were asking me about the job I do to get my 25 km/h stories.  The conversation wandered a little bit, as such things do, until one regular mentioned he did something similar working at a car unloading port back in the ’70s as a summer job.  I’m on the health and safety committee at my day job, and his story made me cringe.

Introducting 25km/h With Evan

What on earth is 25 km/h with Evan, you ask?  Well, let me try and explain it. And then let me try to make it interesting.   I have recently come in to a situation where I get to drive a lot of new cars. Like 10 to 30 a day. Some times 30 of the same model, some times all different cars.  Recently I dove an M4 back to back with a bright pink Mitsubishi Mirage.

Cars That Make Us Do 180s

I, along with many car enthusiasts, admit to having my certain biases towards one car or another, sometimes for no good reason. For example, I used to absolutely despise any Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) brands.This bias branched from the overly apparent phenomenon of experience before knowledge. In the mid-2000s, my father replaced his archaic yet classic 1991 BMW 318i. The E30 was a gem in my eyes. Despite the constant problems it had since he took delivery in ’91, it was an E30, it was white, it was manual, and it may have been the lethargic 4-banger model, but it was damn smooth. The vehicle he replaced it with? A 1999 VW Jetta 2.0.