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Okay, so How Badly do You Want Another Mazda Halo Car?

I hear in the distance, the echo of a legend. If only this one can be the next Arex-Seven…

Terrible poetry aside, a true RX-7 successor would be dope. It would be the dopiest of dope. It would be dope-sauce. And I don’t use the word dope (by that definition).

The BMW Brand Dilution Continues… For the Better?

It looks as though BMW will be expanding their recently famed brand dilution by adding a Gran Coupé (read: four door) version of the 2-series to their lineup, reports German mag Auto Motor und Sport via Jalopnik. While the Gran Coupé treatment has been a little less than settling to BMW purists, the beautiful 6-Series GC has shown that this can work.

Rumour: The BMW M2 (F87) Will Be the E46 M3 that Isn’t 10 Years Old

Some Bimmer nerds over at have exposed some rumours that make your next performance car decision even more difficult. The next big thing to come out of BMW M will be a full-blown model to success the beloved 1-Series M that there are obviously no more of.

007’s Next Ride Could be Built in A’murica

Well, maybe not quite the next DBS.

Aston Martin could be opening a factory nearby the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Vance, Alabama, company boss Andy Palmer tells AutoCar. Don’t necessarily expect DB9s and Vantages to come out of it, however.

Buying a Ford Right Now is Like Buying an iPhone 6 when the 6S is Coming the Next Week

Tough luck for anyone who wanted latest-and-greatest but settled for gotta-have-it-now.

Starting this summer, Ford plans to roll out its latest in car connectivity, Sync 3, according to Automotive News. The new system is supposed to be considerably less frustrating to use than Ford’s current seldom-praised MyFordTouch and respective MyLincolnTouch systems. There’s a catch, though.