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The Holy Viper will Dead by 2017

1992. This was the year that I was born (if TAC goes big, you’ll have to find this post buried deep to find my age again… although I’m sure I’ve mentioned it elsewhere… probably many times… anyway). This was also the year that the Dodge Viper, our sacred icon of engine + chassis + steering wheel = car(?) for over two decades now. In many ways, this car is a part of me. It shares my upbringings as an awkward 90s kid making his way in a world full of diversity and European automotive prowess…

Mazda’s Interesting Mini-Minivan Just Got Chopped in the States

It is always sad to see a car that at least some people liked go.

Mazda has decided that the <20,000 sales for the 6-seat, sliding door Mazda3 with extra space in the U.S. was a good opportunity to pull the model out. Luckily, sales are still good in Canada so we get to keep the Mazda5, yay!