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BMW Begins to Win Back Fallen Hearts with M4 GTS

Finally, we get something good, eh?

For the first time in BMW’s history here, a special-edition M4 will be available natively in Canada. It is called the GTS, and it will definitely put a lot of cars to shame. With its 493 hp turbo-6, this will undoubtedly put regular M4s to shame and then some. 

The Holy Viper will Dead by 2017

1992. This was the year that I was born (if TAC goes big, you’ll have to find this post buried deep to find my age again… although I’m sure I’ve mentioned it elsewhere… probably many times… anyway). This was also the year that the Dodge Viper, our sacred icon of engine + chassis + steering wheel = car(?) for over two decades now. In many ways, this car is a part of me. It shares my upbringings as an awkward 90s kid making his way in a world full of diversity and European automotive prowess…

2016 BMW M2 – This is It

Sweet baby Jesus!

BMW has officially run out of names for its M cars. All of the normal numbered series cars now have a true M variant save the 7-series which has never had an official M version (this may happen, though). At least it didn’t have to play word games to appropriately name this M car without stepping on historic toes. We all remember having to correct our friends when they referred to the stunningly good 1-series M as the “M1”, which was actually a mid-engined halo car made in the late 70s as a homologation special. No more bunched up panties, you can safely call it M2.

Okay, so How Badly do You Want Another Mazda Halo Car?

I hear in the distance, the echo of a legend. If only this one can be the next Arex-Seven…

Terrible poetry aside, a true RX-7 successor would be dope. It would be the dopiest of dope. It would be dope-sauce. And I don’t use the word dope (by that definition).

Paul Walker’s 16 Year-old Daughter is Suing Porsche for his Accident


Meadow Rain Walker, Paul Walker’s sole heir to his estate, is suing Porsche over the accident that killed Paul in a Carrera GT in November of 2013. She is claiming that the car did not come equipped with such safety features as stability control, reinforced doors, and fire-resistant fuel lines among other things.

Bentley Releases its Response to “BRO MY SUV IS THE FASTEST, MOST PIMP **** AROUND, YO!” – The Bentayga

Bentley has finally fulfilled its promise to enter into the luxury SUV market with the Bentayga.

Bentley assures us that this is the “fastest, most powerful, most luxurious, and most exclusive SUV…” in the world? Have you ever walked out to a supercharged Range Rover or an X5 M and thought, “damn, this thing could really use a super complicated W12 engine that makes 600 hp. Well, Bentley did, and look! They already had a W12 engine to work with. 600 hp and 663 of torque and all. 

Ford Releases Details on Focus RS

0-100 in 4.7 seconds. Top speed of 265 km/h. And a whole lotta love.

Ford released final details on the widely anticipated and possibly most discussed Ford performance vehicle of these times, the Focus RS. Positioned to be basically everything the Focus ST wanted to be, but so very much more than that, the RS is supposed to be the Yin to the VW Golf R’s Yang and the holy grail to the shopaholic in need of petrol in the veins. It is a 350 hp, 350 lb.ft of torque, AWD menacing machine that WILL bring your parents to your kid’s birthday party and back, dammit.

When Infiniti Goes Compact With Luxury

2016 Infiniti Q30

One concept leads to a production model and so on, and so forth; after introducing the Q30 compact hatchback concept in 2013, Infiniti didn’t sway from their goal of releasing a production version in 2015. Here we are at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show with a look at Nissan’s version of a luxury compact. 

The big 2015 auto event of the fall is in full motion as we speak. This celebration of the automobile after the summer’s dry spell floods the media with new-car porn of all sorts to treat both the journalists and the enthusiasts with the latest models and prototypes. Is this novelty porn-ish? Not quite. But it marks the introduction of Infiniti to the segment of compact hatchbacks, and with record sales in 2015, there is now more than ever a need for a more mainstream and accessible model. That’s where the Infiniti Q30 comes in.