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Honda CB300F – The Beginner of Beginners

Honda CB300F

Exit the 125 and the 250; the new kids in town all go for the 300s now. There are good things and not such good things about it. Here is the tale of my week in the saddle of the Honda CB300F. 

If you haven’t followed the motorcycle industry very closely as of late, you probably don’t even know about the wave of 125 and 250 motorcycles manufacturers put on the market a few years back to appeal to a younger, greener audience. I bet you blinked and missed out completely, because that’s about how long the trend lasted. Today, if you are a first-time buyer, you will be looking at a 300cc to ease your mind about having so much power tucked between your legs. I say first-time buyer and I really mean it. Here’s why.

Pretty Little Monster – The 2016 Ducati Monster 1200R

2016 Ducati Monster 1200R

Believe it or not, the Frankfurt Motor Show isn’t only a car thing and the now-Audi-owned Ducati took to the stage with a new variant of their Monster, the 1200R.

Just in case you thought your daily Monster 1200S didn’t pack enough of a punch, here comes the R to save the day. A brutal beast of primal instincts, all wrapped up in a refined package. And wait, it gets better.

Winterizing Your Bike? Victory Thinks That’s Overrated

The idea here is that you could potentially leave your Victory stuck in ice for a few years and you’d still be able to drive away with it with minimum maintenance. 

Who’s Victory anyway? Don’t worry, if you have not heard of them yet; you will. The American motorcycle manufacturer’s place on the North American market has been getting exponentially bigger. Mostly known for their futuristic, alien-like designs that you either absolutely love or absolutely hate,  they were also the ones to pull the rug from under Harley-Davidson’s feet by launching their first electric motorcycle on the market, the Empulse TT. And now, they are back in the headlines with their 2002 V92tc cruiser that was on display in Sweden’s Ice Hotel. Oh, right; it was frozen in solid ice for four years and is still in perfect working order.

Victory Will Hit the Market With Their Electric Bike. Take That, Harley!

Victory Empulse TT

At this point, probably everyone has heard of Harley-Davidson’s LimeWire project, a jet turbine-sounding electric bike concept currently touring across North America for H-D customers to road test. Sadly, for them, road tests are not enough anymore and Victory has pulled the carpet from under their feet by announcing their own electric motorcycle, the Victory Empulse TT. 

Harley-Davidson waited too long to mainstream their LimeWire Project electric bike concept. Still stuck in neutral and touring America to see what potential drivers have to say about it, Victory kicked into fifth-gear and released their first Victory-branded, mass-produced electric motorcycle.

2016 Yamaha XSR700 – Can We Call It Hipster?

A mix of current technologies with an old-school mentality; isn’t that what hipsters are all about? Well, that’s at least Yamaha’s take on the modern-retro movement, with the introduction of the brand-new XSR700. 

The Japanese manufacturer has released a trailer to introduce its competitor to the Ducati Scrambler. This newcomer will not only be the manufacturer’s weapon of choice to compete in the retro-craze currently sweeping the motorcycle industry, but will also be a blast from the past, celebrating the XS650’s legacy, with an up-to-date twist.

Road Rage: Two Wheels Against Four

This video of a man assaulting a biker and his girlfriend has been passed around on social media and on the “interwebz” over the past few days. Though this case is a pretty extreme one, biker-hate is a thing motorcyclists need to deal with on a regular basis. The question is: why?

Share the Road

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There’s a lot of advertisement surrounding the whole “sharing the road” motto, but most of them concern cyclists, pedestrians and cars. It’s almost as though motorcycles are in a category of their own. Because somehow, people who have never driven a motorcycle think that opting to purchase and drive one is acknowledging that we are putting our own life in danger and that we should be disregarded for doing so.