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Is the New Volvo XC90 Ready to Conquer All Hearts Again?

There is no doubt that the Volvo XC90 has needed its redesign for many, many years. The first generation was on sale for an incredible 12 year stint which is not to be taken lightly. Most major models were refreshed or redesigned even twice in that kind of period. When the original came out, the XC90 took Canada by storm. It was selling just about as well as its German competitors and accounted for about a quarter of Volvo’s sales here. But, as the years went on, sales declined sharply to the point where Volvo was only selling a few hundred of these fine machines per year.

Why I Always Believed in Volvo: More Polestar Models to Come

Volvo has been in a slump for quite a few years. A dwindling line-up in the late 2000s and transfer to Chinese ownership is a lot to take for an automaker. But, other than SAAB, I’ve always felt that Volvo had enough of that special sauce to keep it rolling.

2015 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E FWD: Swedish delight

A trip back in time to my first moments at the wheel of a vehicle. A Volvo to be precise. 

I remember when I started driving, over a decade ago (I won’t reveal the exact number of years or I’ll sound like an old fart). My first few kilometers as a newly-licensed driver were at the wheel of a 1998 Volvo S70. The sedan was that sturdy, comfortable, and quiet ride that would take me to Costco every Saturday morning for my weekly driving practice, with my dad as the instructor.

So when I received the keys to the 2015 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E, I expected memories of yesteryears to surface once more and to feel 16 again. Then I stepped on the gas pedal and the memories I had of Volvo made way to brand new ones. That car is everything but “quiet”.