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How Has the VW Diesel Fiasco Affected You?

You would think that a major automaker has never cheated in some way before with the amount of attention the VW software-cheating TDIs are getting. Every tenth or so tweet I see is about it, every second business article I see is about it; this is definitely killing some of that VW reputation (or maybe lack thereof). But, what does this truly mean for owners of these environment-killing machines? How do you guys feel about it?

Cars That Make Us Do 180s

I, along with many car enthusiasts, admit to having my certain biases towards one car or another, sometimes for no good reason. For example, I used to absolutely despise any Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) brands.This bias branched from the overly apparent phenomenon of experience before knowledge. In the mid-2000s, my father replaced his archaic yet classic 1991 BMW 318i. The E30 was a gem in my eyes. Despite the constant problems it had since he took delivery in ’91, it was an E30, it was white, it was manual, and it may have been the lethargic 4-banger model, but it was damn smooth. The vehicle he replaced it with? A 1999 VW Jetta 2.0.

Track Rivals II: Cooper vs. Golf. vs. Mazda3

Along with the various crossovers that I tested at MINI’s Rock the Rivals event, I also got to sample the regular Cooper, VW Golf, and Mazda3 back to back.Driving crossovers around a track gives a good idea of how close to a regular car an auto maker can get, but driving their regular cars gives a good idea of how good their regular cars can get. The track was pouring even harder than it was for the crossover portion, but the track was different as well, a lot more to do and even a nice sweeper.

Track Rivals: Countryman vs. Tiguan vs. Juke

The small crossover market is here and its big. Almost every manufacturer has one and some even have more than one. Some may not like it, but this is the way the world is turning, and we have to rely on the auto makers to make it bearable.  And that is what MINI, Volkswagen, and Nissan have tried to do here with the Cooper Countryman, Tiguan, and Juke, respectively.

Track Day: VW Golf GTI and Jetta GLI

Volkswagen Canada recently held a cross-country test driving tour spanning from Halifax to Vancouver this passing summer for the public to sample models ranging from the practical and sensible Tiguan to the short and quick GTI. In our time at Pitt Meadows, BC, where the event met its last destination, we got to sample the two cars we all really want, the GTI and the GLI.