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The Tale of the Two Trim Levels

One of these cars is not like the other, one of these cars is a terrible place to be.

I got into a 2015 Rav4 LE yesterday, and quickly noticed an interior that was surprisingly ugly. Terrible plastic, a wheel that was either the worst fake leather ever or terrible plastic. 

Toyota + Mazda = Better Cars

The partnership of the two Japanese giants is great news. Hopefully KODO will breathe some dynamism into the future Toyotas. 

Partnerships between manufacturers are a common thing. One of the most recent one was Toyota and Subaru’s which has given birth to the GT86/BRZ/FR-S sport coupe. This time, Toyota partners up with Mazda to make good cars even better. 

Doesn’t Matter if You Outbid by a Dollar or a Mile, Winning’s Winning

…But is it more than you can afford, Pal?

Turns out something was fishy, and it wasn’t the tuna.  Everything you know was a lie. That 2JZ was non-turbo, parts were not overnighted from Ja-pan, the only Ferrari to be beaten was a 208, (maybe) and those two bottles? The Big Ones?  They’re Nitrous Express, not NOS, and they’re not hooked up to anything anyway. What I’m trying to say is that Brian O’Connor never delivered a 10 second car.