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Subaru Releases a Refreshed Crosstrek (No Longer XV Crosstrek); Still needs WRX Treatment

The Impreza Crosstrek is a nice vehicle, it ticks a lot of boxes, does a lot of things. It would be great with better performance

Subaru has just announced refreshed Imprezas, including the Crosstrek. Dropping the XV name (since everyone just called it Crosstrek anyway) is the first of the changes, along with updated facias. It also holds its low price tag. But, it still misses the one update it needs sorely.

Track Quickie: Subaru Impreza XV Crosstrek

Does the XV Crosstrek have any chops on the track? Well, maybe some.

In 2012, the Subaru Impreza got a cousin, a close sister if you will. A tall, do-it-all, stilted machine to fight alongside its car-in-every-way brethren. That car was the XV Crosstrek. You get everything you have in the regular Impreza (all-wheel-drive, hatch, wheels of some sort), but lifted and beefy-lookin’ (and more standard kit)! Like a Japanese Volvo Cross Country.