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All-Turbo Porsche 911s: It’s Happening!

While we were feasting on labour day loins, Porsche dropped the bomb that we’ve all been waiting for. But, is this a bad thing?

Porsche has announced that all 911 models going forward are going to feature some kind of turbocharging. Before you start pouting poo poo to the new new, hear them out. The new twin turbo engines found in the base Carrera will receive a (most probably underrated to keep 991.1 owners happy) 20 hp bump to make a total of 370. The S will now make an extremely healthy 420 hp. Real sports car power. To naturally be matched with real sports car torque. The S will now get 368 ft.lbs from 325 and the base Carrera will get 331 from a more paltry 288. Ok, so the new engines have the goods. We all know that the Turbo has been a fan favourite to rip faces off short of maybe the Tesla Model S P85D. So, will these turboed models be just as good?