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Nissan in Frankfurt: A New Z Concept Is Right Around The Corner

Nissan Concept - Frankfurt

“So can Nissan continue to innovate and move the bar higher? What if Nissan created a new way to feel driving excitement?” If these words don’t get you hooked, nothing will. And the next Z-car could surprise you.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is right around the corner and a glimpse at what the manufacturers have in store for us has started to slow leak. Yesterday, Nissan stole the spotlight and everyone jumped on the piece of news regarding their new teaser. In a 50-word release, Nissan set the tone for what is to be expected at their booth next week. But what really caught the attention is the picture. Though not confirmed by the team at Nissan’s, there’s already talk of a new Z subbrand image. And it won’t be coming in the shape of a sports coupe.

Track Rivals: Countryman vs. Tiguan vs. Juke

The small crossover market is here and its big. Almost every manufacturer has one and some even have more than one. Some may not like it, but this is the way the world is turning, and we have to rely on the auto makers to make it bearable.  And that is what MINI, Volkswagen, and Nissan have tried to do here with the Cooper Countryman, Tiguan, and Juke, respectively.