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At Last! The 2016 MINI Cooper Clubman is Here!

The practical non-Countryman returns, and it retains its barn doors.

I’ve been waiting for a new Clubman ever since the first (BMW) one came out. I was even about to buy one, but couldn’t find any clean ones in my budget. But, now MINI has responded to MINI-goers that want a MINI that can haul but don’t want the bubbly Countryman with reduced reflexes and extra heft. The Clubman is the perfect solution for anyone looking for 90% Cooper with 200% the practicality.

Track Rivals II: Cooper vs. Golf. vs. Mazda3

Along with the various crossovers that I tested at MINI’s Rock the Rivals event, I also got to sample the regular Cooper, VW Golf, and Mazda3 back to back.Driving crossovers around a track gives a good idea of how close to a regular car an auto maker can get, but driving their regular cars gives a good idea of how good their regular cars can get. The track was pouring even harder than it was for the crossover portion, but the track was different as well, a lot more to do and even a nice sweeper.

Track Rivals: Countryman vs. Tiguan vs. Juke

The small crossover market is here and its big. Almost every manufacturer has one and some even have more than one. Some may not like it, but this is the way the world is turning, and we have to rely on the auto makers to make it bearable.  And that is what MINI, Volkswagen, and Nissan have tried to do here with the Cooper Countryman, Tiguan, and Juke, respectively.