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Okay, so How Badly do You Want Another Mazda Halo Car?

I hear in the distance, the echo of a legend. If only this one can be the next Arex-Seven…

Terrible poetry aside, a true RX-7 successor would be dope. It would be the dopiest of dope. It would be dope-sauce. And I don’t use the word dope (by that definition).

Mazda’s Interesting Mini-Minivan Just Got Chopped in the States

It is always sad to see a car that at least some people liked go.

Mazda has decided that the <20,000 sales for the 6-seat, sliding door Mazda3 with extra space in the U.S. was a good opportunity to pull the model out. Luckily, sales are still good in Canada so we get to keep the Mazda5, yay!

Toyota + Mazda = Better Cars

The partnership of the two Japanese giants is great news. Hopefully KODO will breathe some dynamism into the future Toyotas. 

Partnerships between manufacturers are a common thing. One of the most recent one was Toyota and Subaru’s which has given birth to the GT86/BRZ/FR-S sport coupe. This time, Toyota partners up with Mazda to make good cars even better. 

Mazda CX-3: Zoom Zoom Sounds Better than “HRRV”

Looking for a CUV that looks good and can dance? Mazda has an answer they’d like you to see.

Mazda seems to be on a roll lately. Stylish cars, light weight, handling? Yup, they’ve got it.  That’s continuing with the sleek CX-3, at your local dealer soon.

Track Rivals II: Cooper vs. Golf. vs. Mazda3

Along with the various crossovers that I tested at MINI’s Rock the Rivals event, I also got to sample the regular Cooper, VW Golf, and Mazda3 back to back.Driving crossovers around a track gives a good idea of how close to a regular car an auto maker can get, but driving their regular cars gives a good idea of how good their regular cars can get. The track was pouring even harder than it was for the crossover portion, but the track was different as well, a lot more to do and even a nice sweeper.