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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport – Anything You Do, I Can Do Better. Or Can I?

The good thing about the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is that it’s a Land Rover. The bad thing about it is that I drove the Ford Escape the week before. Spoiler alert: the Rover does not win.

There’s something mythical about taking the wheel of a British vehicle. They’re all so elite, elegant and… elementary? (adjective in “el” + Sherlock Holmes reference. That works.) They reign in an exclusive category of their own. They don’t fit in the usual realm of racy “Europeans”; they have a snobbish air about them we are fascinated with. Like the Royal Family of cars. So I felt a little intimidated taking the wheel of the Discovery Sport. I felt like I had gone from “girl next door” to “high profile urban girl”, and that instead of being offered beer at the bar, I’d be receiving a glass of Champagne. Sadly, I also started feeling like a phony in no time, as though my new-found, high-end profile was actually the work of an eminent plastic surgeon. Because, as awesome as the Land Rover Discovery looks and feels, I also find it to be slightly overrated.