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Honda CB300F – The Beginner of Beginners

Honda CB300F

Exit the 125 and the 250; the new kids in town all go for the 300s now. There are good things and not such good things about it. Here is the tale of my week in the saddle of the Honda CB300F. 

If you haven’t followed the motorcycle industry very closely as of late, you probably don’t even know about the wave of 125 and 250 motorcycles manufacturers put on the market a few years back to appeal to a younger, greener audience. I bet you blinked and missed out completely, because that’s about how long the trend lasted. Today, if you are a first-time buyer, you will be looking at a 300cc to ease your mind about having so much power tucked between your legs. I say first-time buyer and I really mean it. Here’s why.

2016 Honda HR-V

HUUURRRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!! That sounds like a really forceful push. And the HR-V is a forceful push from Honda into the tiny crossover segment.

The first time I saw an HR-V, it was parked next to a 2016 Pilot and a 2015 CR-V.  Next to those, the HR-V looks tiny.