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Ford Releases Details on Focus RS

0-100 in 4.7 seconds. Top speed of 265 km/h. And a whole lotta love.

Ford released final details on the widely anticipated and possibly most discussed Ford performance vehicle of these times, the Focus RS. Positioned to be basically everything the Focus ST wanted to be, but so very much more than that, the RS is supposed to be the Yin to the VW Golf R’s Yang and the holy grail to the shopaholic in need of petrol in the veins. It is a 350 hp, 350 lb.ft of torque, AWD menacing machine that WILL bring your parents to your kid’s birthday party and back, dammit.

Ford Leads the Super Hot Hatch Pack with 345 hp Focus RS

Bye bye, STI. So long, Golf R. Ford has made a stand with their new Focus RS.

According to Ford via Autoblog, the new Focus RS has a confirmed output of 350 PS or 345 hp translated to our numbers.