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2016 BMW M2 – This is It

Sweet baby Jesus!

BMW has officially run out of names for its M cars. All of the normal numbered series cars now have a true M variant save the 7-series which has never had an official M version (this may happen, though). At least it didn’t have to play word games to appropriately name this M car without stepping on historic toes. We all remember having to correct our friends when they referred to the stunningly good 1-series M as the “M1”, which was actually a mid-engined halo car made in the late 70s as a homologation special. No more bunched up panties, you can safely call it M2.

Rumour: The BMW M2 (F87) Will Be the E46 M3 that Isn’t 10 Years Old

Some Bimmer nerds over at have exposed some rumours that make your next performance car decision even more difficult. The next big thing to come out of BMW M will be a full-blown model to success the beloved 1-Series M that there are obviously no more of.