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GTA Exotics: Your Dream Car on a Track

Which one would you sign up for? The sleek Ferrari F430? The brutal Lamborghini Murcielago? Or would you give the Ariel Atom a shot? Helmets are not included, adrenaline overdose is. 

If instead of having posters of Pamela Anderson in Baywatch or of the New Kids on the Block on your wall, you’ve always had pictures of European exotics and American muscle cars, for as long as you can remember, you might have a case of petrol head syndrome. Though there’s no known cure to this condition, don’t worry, it’s technically not fatal (unless your significant other finds out you’ve indulged in some car-related expense, paid for by the conjoined account) and it is treatable with a regular dose of vitamin torque and hp nutrient.

Hot Cars, Tall Tales

We’ve changed a lot of things, mostly for the better, but safety in the ’70s was at the very least interesting.

I was at a car club meeting a few weeks ago and a few of the guys were asking me about the job I do to get my 25 km/h stories.  The conversation wandered a little bit, as such things do, until one regular mentioned he did something similar working at a car unloading port back in the ’70s as a summer job.  I’m on the health and safety committee at my day job, and his story made me cringe.

Track Rivals II: Cooper vs. Golf. vs. Mazda3

Along with the various crossovers that I tested at MINI’s Rock the Rivals event, I also got to sample the regular Cooper, VW Golf, and Mazda3 back to back.Driving crossovers around a track gives a good idea of how close to a regular car an auto maker can get, but driving their regular cars gives a good idea of how good their regular cars can get. The track was pouring even harder than it was for the crossover portion, but the track was different as well, a lot more to do and even a nice sweeper.