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Okay, so How Badly do You Want Another Mazda Halo Car?

I hear in the distance, the echo of a legend. If only this one can be the next Arex-Seven…

Terrible poetry aside, a true RX-7 successor would be dope. It would be the dopiest of dope. It would be dope-sauce. And I don’t use the word dope (by that definition).

Bentley Releases its Response to “BRO MY SUV IS THE FASTEST, MOST PIMP **** AROUND, YO!” – The Bentayga

Bentley has finally fulfilled its promise to enter into the luxury SUV market with the Bentayga.

Bentley assures us that this is the “fastest, most powerful, most luxurious, and most exclusive SUV…” in the world? Have you ever walked out to a supercharged Range Rover or an X5 M and thought, “damn, this thing could really use a super complicated W12 engine that makes 600 hp. Well, Bentley did, and look! They already had a W12 engine to work with. 600 hp and 663 of torque and all. 

Pretty Little Monster – The 2016 Ducati Monster 1200R

2016 Ducati Monster 1200R

Believe it or not, the Frankfurt Motor Show isn’t only a car thing and the now-Audi-owned Ducati took to the stage with a new variant of their Monster, the 1200R.

Just in case you thought your daily Monster 1200S didn’t pack enough of a punch, here comes the R to save the day. A brutal beast of primal instincts, all wrapped up in a refined package. And wait, it gets better.

The Day Porsche Went After Tesla

The design is equally attractive. The estimated range? Better. It’s the battle of the electric giants and Porsche just opted in with the Mission E.

Porsche unveiled a real gem of a concept at Frankfurt, their first all-electric four seat sports car capable of 600 hp and a 500 km driving range. Paint us stupid, but this sounds like Tesla left in the dust.

When Infiniti Goes Compact With Luxury

2016 Infiniti Q30

One concept leads to a production model and so on, and so forth; after introducing the Q30 compact hatchback concept in 2013, Infiniti didn’t sway from their goal of releasing a production version in 2015. Here we are at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show with a look at Nissan’s version of a luxury compact. 

The big 2015 auto event of the fall is in full motion as we speak. This celebration of the automobile after the summer’s dry spell floods the media with new-car porn of all sorts to treat both the journalists and the enthusiasts with the latest models and prototypes. Is this novelty porn-ish? Not quite. But it marks the introduction of Infiniti to the segment of compact hatchbacks, and with record sales in 2015, there is now more than ever a need for a more mainstream and accessible model. That’s where the Infiniti Q30 comes in. 

Jaguar F-Pace SUV – It has Come

Everyone else is doing an SUV (or CUV, rather), why not get the sex icon of the car world to do one too?

There used to be a time when a (insert second Mustang GT reference in two articles) Mustang GT could do 0-100 in five seconds flat. My, how far we have come from those not so far away days of yesteryear. Today, a 1775 kg (3913 lbs.) SUV can do it in 5.1.

2017 Audi S4 – Go on a Diet and Pick up those Weights, You’ll Get all the Ladies

Oh so there is perfection abound, only a new S4, should there be found…

Rejoice! We have a new S4. The benchmark for all do-it-all sport sedans has come back in B9 form, and we are excited to say the least. The S4 is historically well-built, quick, comfortable, and can be tuned to high hell. A lighter, more powerful, and newer model should only strive to impress.

Kicking Off Frankfurt

The 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show is underway, and there are many new models being unveiled that will pump some new life into the auto industry.