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Porsche Cayman GT$ – Yeah, I’m Not Fixing That Typo

Damn it, the oblivious guy in front of me grabbed the GT3 RS! What’s the 2nd best car in this line?

Oooh, it’s a Cayman GT4. At least this way I’ll get the stick. Whoa, that’s a big wing. I can’t see a thing behind me. Oh well, I shouldn’t have to reverse. Adjust the mirrors…Whoa, everything around me is so soft. There is Alcantara EVERYWHERE!

2016 Honda HR-V

HUUURRRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!! That sounds like a really forceful push. And the HR-V is a forceful push from Honda into the tiny crossover segment.

The first time I saw an HR-V, it was parked next to a 2016 Pilot and a 2015 CR-V.  Next to those, the HR-V looks tiny.  

25 km/h BONUS ROUND: Rolls-Royce Wraith

No Grey Poupon references will be made in the writing of this article.

I have a bit of a special 25 km/h today. I’m going to call it a bonus round. The reason for that is that I did not actually drive this motor car, I was only able to sit in it for a few fleeting minutes.

The Tale of the Two Trim Levels

One of these cars is not like the other, one of these cars is a terrible place to be.

I got into a 2015 Rav4 LE yesterday, and quickly noticed an interior that was surprisingly ugly. Terrible plastic, a wheel that was either the worst fake leather ever or terrible plastic. 

BMW M235i, All the M You Need

I’ve been talking about relatively tame every day cars, so I decided that today I’d actually talk about something interesting. 

The BMW M235i.  If you read any car websites, I’m sure you’ve read the scores of journalists gushing over the “M-lite” and rolled your eyes at their attempts to find ever more clever ways to write about how great it is.

Well I’m here to say…

The Audi Q7 May Have the Most Legroom in the World

3 cylinders, 8 wheel drive, 37 000 lb tractive force, 72 tons.

Wait a second, that’s the London and North Eastern Q7. I was driving the Audi Q7. Sorry about that.

Little Yellow Camaro: Baby You’re Just Not Fast

Every fibre of my being wants to use “You could’ve had a V-8”, but how cliché is that?

Last Saturday was a rainy cold day. It was coming down hard. The windows of the bus I was on were completely fogged over. I couldn’t see anywhere. When it was time to get out I pulled my hood up, laced it tight, jumped out and ran to the car I wanted. I didn’t know what car, just that I was looking for an orange sticker on the windshield.  Oh, hey, it’s a Camaro. Neat! 

No Power Mirrors? No Thanks

You can have your base model stripper penalty-box. I’ll take the King Hornali.

I hear a lot of people talk about how they wish trucks were still trucks. You know. Vinyl seat, regular cab, manual transfer case, heavy blanket and an old dog on the seat. Trucks.