About Us

Welcome to Two Auto Cents. We focus on the enthusiast aspect of the automotive world, bringing you reviews and news that the common gearhead wants to hear. This is what we live for, and we want to share that with you.



Alex Niro, Editor-in-chief

Alex is an automotive journalist from Montreal, Canada since 2008. He is certifiably addicted and doesn’t think of anything but cars. Driving is his drug. He also occasionally suffers from bouts of afro hair.

Sabrina Giacomini, Editor-at-large

Sabrina is a woman who loves cars, but hates writing her own biography.

Evan Williams, Editor

Evan loves cars. He autocrosses, does lapping days, TSD rallies and wrenches. He’s played every Need For Speed. Even the newer body kit and sticker ones. He drives a slow car fast, and watches paint dry for a living.