2016 BMW M2 – This is It

Sweet baby Jesus!

BMW has officially run out of names for its M cars. All of the normal numbered series cars now have a true M variant save the 7-series which has never had an official M version (this may happen, though). At least it didn’t have to play word games to appropriately name this M car without stepping on historic toes. We all remember having to correct our friends when they referred to the stunningly good 1-series M as the “M1”, which was actually a mid-engined halo car made in the late 70s as a homologation special. No more bunched up panties, you can safely call it M2.


Despite being absolutely menacing in its stance no matter the angle, the M2 is even more menacing on paper. Power naturally comes from a turbo straight-6 producing a healthy 365 hp. Torque is also a swelling 343 lb-ft starting way down at 1,400 rpm. The M2 also includes an overboost function that increases torque another 26 lb-ft to 369 lb-ft total. BMW itself stresses that this is 70 lb-ft more than the E9x M3 with that 4.0-litre V8 we all love. This allow the manual-equipped model to reach 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

BMW has also decided that you suck at driving stick. A rev-matching shifting feature is onboard, blipping throttle for downshifts and reducing engine speed quickly for upshifts. While all the purists hoard their pitchforks, there is nothing wrong with having a nice added feature that can, most importantly, be turned off. When Nissan brought its rev-matching system to the 370Z, it was greeted with skepticism followed by praise that the system functioned well and didn’t remove too much from the “manual” manual experience. I’m sure BMW will take that even further with the M2. Or, you can just get the faster-shifting DCT.

Aluminum construction is used on many suspension and axle components derived from the M3/M4 to reduce weight. The special axle components also forced the M guys to build a ground-up approach to wheels and tires, opting to go with staggered everything. Different-sized 19-inch wheels are wrapped in exclusive-spec Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 245-section in the front and 265 in the back. Hey, no one said shopping tires for an M car was easy… or cheap.


Lastly, the M2 features a trick limited-slip differential that has all sort of computer calculations running to allow it to anticipate and lock according to situation within split-seconds. With those meaty rear tires and a trick LSD, this car will most likely be a monster around the corner.

The M2 is scheduled to go on sale in Spring of 2016. Official pricing is still being withheld. Let’s just hope that it isn’t too much. The M4 can already be a $100,000+ car if optioned correctly. With any luck, the pricing will be more Cayman than 911.

[Source: BMW]

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