How Has the VW Diesel Fiasco Affected You?

You would think that a major automaker has never cheated in some way before with the amount of attention the VW software-cheating TDIs are getting. Every tenth or so tweet I see is about it, every second business article I see is about it; this is definitely killing some of that VW reputation (or maybe lack thereof). But, what does this truly mean for owners of these environment-killing machines? How do you guys feel about it?

There is no doubt that VW is feeling the effects of this whole thing hard. They are already planning a recall for the affected vehicles and are planning on major workforce cutbacks in light of a potential $18 Billion in EPA fines alone, with the class-action lawsuits following close behind. Will consumers see they have their hands full already and simply accept the updowngrade to their engine software?

This isn’t like the woman who got worse mileage than she thought on her Civic Hybrid, this is pollution on a global scale, and the fix isn’t something that some owners will like. The cars will potentially get slower, on top of all of the people who bought the car thinking they were buying a clean diesel vehicle. I’m not sure about you, but if I bought a vehicle that was anything less than advertised (in this case, majorly so), I would want my money back in a big way.DB2013AU00815_LARGE_13203_14236

“But this was the result of a few clowns at VW who decided to be moneymakers instead of proper humans.” No, in order for something like this to have happened, you needed engineers to work on the cheating software, supervisors to OK it, PR people to keep it hush hush, and execs to arrange all the worker bees. This was definitely not an isolated incident, and the effects are certainly not isolated either.

So I ask, what are you TDIers doing? Do you want to sell at reduced resale? Do you want the upgrade so you can get along with your day? Are you entering a class-action? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook, or the good ol’ comments section.

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