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BMW Begins to Win Back Fallen Hearts with M4 GTS

Finally, we get something good, eh?

For the first time in BMW’s history here, a special-edition M4 will be available natively in Canada. It is called the GTS, and it will definitely put a lot of cars to shame. With its 493 hp turbo-6, this will undoubtedly put regular M4s to shame and then some. 

The Holy Viper will Dead by 2017

1992. This was the year that I was born (if TAC goes big, you’ll have to find this post buried deep to find my age again… although I’m sure I’ve mentioned it elsewhere… probably many times… anyway). This was also the year that the Dodge Viper, our sacred icon of engine + chassis + steering wheel = car(?) for over two decades now. In many ways, this car is a part of me. It shares my upbringings as an awkward 90s kid making his way in a world full of diversity and European automotive prowess…

2016 BMW M2 – This is It

Sweet baby Jesus!

BMW has officially run out of names for its M cars. All of the normal numbered series cars now have a true M variant save the 7-series which has never had an official M version (this may happen, though). At least it didn’t have to play word games to appropriately name this M car without stepping on historic toes. We all remember having to correct our friends when they referred to the stunningly good 1-series M as the “M1”, which was actually a mid-engined halo car made in the late 70s as a homologation special. No more bunched up panties, you can safely call it M2.

How Has the VW Diesel Fiasco Affected You?

You would think that a major automaker has never cheated in some way before with the amount of attention the VW software-cheating TDIs are getting. Every tenth or so tweet I see is about it, every second business article I see is about it; this is definitely killing some of that VW reputation (or maybe lack thereof). But, what does this truly mean for owners of these environment-killing machines? How do you guys feel about it?

2012 Ford Mustang GT – Lines and Power Galore, but Not for the Faint of Heart

This may not be the prancing horse, but this one isn’t wasting any time prancing.

When you spend some years with the same vehicle, it becomes difficult to qualify or even quantify the experience. So many different thoughts have had the time to come and go, so many different experiences to modify or create those thoughts. You would think our job would have to include having a logbook at the ready at any point in time. I believe it is best to just reflect back and put it down, however.

Honda CB300F – The Beginner of Beginners

Honda CB300F

Exit the 125 and the 250; the new kids in town all go for the 300s now. There are good things and not such good things about it. Here is the tale of my week in the saddle of the Honda CB300F. 

If you haven’t followed the motorcycle industry very closely as of late, you probably don’t even know about the wave of 125 and 250 motorcycles manufacturers put on the market a few years back to appeal to a younger, greener audience. I bet you blinked and missed out completely, because that’s about how long the trend lasted. Today, if you are a first-time buyer, you will be looking at a 300cc to ease your mind about having so much power tucked between your legs. I say first-time buyer and I really mean it. Here’s why.

2016 Lincoln MKC: Smaller Utility, Bigger Value

In a market as competitive as the luxury compact crossover field, newcomers face an uphill battle for recognition.

Especially if the newest player’s parent company has been on the sidelines for a while.

On sale for just over a year now, the MKC is Lincoln’s smallest utility offering to date, and is the best evidence yet that the company once known for barge-like Town Cars is doing what’s needed to recapture lost market share.