Okay, so How Badly do You Want Another Mazda Halo Car?

I hear in the distance, the echo of a legend. If only this one can be the next Arex-Seven…

Terrible poetry aside, a true RX-7 successor would be dope. It would be the dopiest of dope. It would be dope-sauce. And I don’t use the word dope (by that definition). Mazda has teased an image of a sports car concept that will be unveiled fully at Tokyo this year. While it may be…umm… premature to infer that this is the true rotary successor that we’ve been waiting about 20 years for, Mazda has been pulling a Ford and producing some game-changing stuff over the past couple of years.

Being someone that grew up with an RX-7, I am just as hyped as the next guy. Will this be the rotary successor that will change all public perception of the engine type forever? Or will this just be a sports car one grade above the Miata with a fancy Skyactiv engine? Well, let’s take a step back for a moment. Mazda has officially stated on many occasions that it does not have any plans to revive the rotary, despite the rumours of the alleged “16-X” prototype that was presumably going to give the rotary what it needed to come out on top, 1.6-litre displacement over the 1.3-litres of the 13-B and modern tech to push nearly 50 year-old technology into the 21st century (no, the Renisis didn’t do a very good job of that).

But alas, rotary revitalisation or not, it would only help a sporty brand like Mazda to have another true sports car in the lineup. People are already lining up to sweep all the ND Miata’s off showroom floors, and this would make the decision even tougher. What I would like to see would be a 2-seat, RWD (duh) sports car with a front-mid-engined layout and super lightweight. If it means having to put a heavily tuned Skyactiv engine in it, so be it. Hell, if Mazda wants to build a ground-up engine for this car in the form of a V6 or *gasp* even an inline-6, I would jump on that bandwagon like Italians on extended cell phone plans. And, if in the end, this turns Mazda into a true sports car brand, then it will do more than what the rotary ever did for them. Let’s hope that this concept isn’t going to stay a concept. Because those lines are too beautiful to not have in the real world.

[Source: Mazda]

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