Paul Walker’s 16 Year-old Daughter is Suing Porsche for his Accident


Meadow Rain Walker, Paul Walker’s sole heir to his estate, is suing Porsche over the accident that killed Paul in a Carrera GT in November of 2013. She is claiming that the car did not come equipped with such safety features as stability control, reinforced doors, and fire-resistant fuel lines among other things.

“Absent these defects in the Porsche Carrera GT, Paul Walker would be alive today,” says the lawsuit. While that may be true, an accident at what the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is claiming to be up to 151 km/h is not exactly begging for a safety net. Walker, along with another lawsuit led by driver Roger Rodas’s widow Kristine, claims that the car was traveling much slower, between 101 and 114 km/h and 89 km/h, respectively.

While it is difficult to see where they are going with this, it is not heartwarming consolation. Obviously, most of us didn’t know Rodas as well as Paul, but I think we can infer that Paul would not have wanted some lengthy legal battle over what was determined to be an accident, and a very major one to boot. Walker himself once said that if the speed killed him not to cry because he would have been smiling. Going after Porsche won’t bring our dear friends back to us, and in the end, will make one of the deadliest (known before this accident) supercars in the world go in history as the one that killed a great man, the same way the Porsche 550 Spyder took James Dean from us. I doubt neither person would have wanted Porsche to come under fire.


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