The Day Porsche Went After Tesla

The design is equally attractive. The estimated range? Better. It’s the battle of the electric giants and Porsche just opted in with the Mission E.

Porsche unveiled a real gem of a concept at Frankfurt, their first all-electric four seat sports car capable of 600 hp and a 500 km driving range. Paint us stupid, but this sounds like Tesla left in the dust.

The Mission E will achieve 0-100 km/h in a mere 3.5 seconds and continue to propel to 200 in 12. Porsche is introducing its version of super-quick charging technology which promises to charge the Mission E to 80% in the time it takes to boil pasta, 15 minutes, using a special 800 volt (whoa) port.

Now, evidently the Tesla comparisons are going to be deep here. Here is an all-electric, all-wheel,drive, 4-seat car that has massive range and massive power. It is however, without question, one of the most breathtaking designs ever put under a Porsche emblem. Parking this next to a Tesla would be akin to parking a Ferrari next to a 90s Civic. The Tesla was designed to be slightly understated whereas this was designed to serve as eye candy for the many that will encounter its path. This car is pretty.

The interior, although an incredibly unrealistic conceptual version of what an interior may look like in a real car, is airy and spectacular to look at as well, with gobs of tech of course. A “holographic” display spans from the steering wheel to the passenger side and can be configured with various apps and displays. And you can re-build your car Iron Man style (just kidding) with your smartphone and the like.

But really, strip away all of that and look at that body. The future, my friends, is so very bright. And wait, there’s more… A production model lurks in the shadows…

[Source: Porsche]

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