Tales of a Longing Lust: Yours Truly wants a Twin

Intriguing, you say?

I have a problem. That problem is that I’m an idiot. Yes, very dumb indeed. You see I bought a car that I don’t want any more. Wait, hold on, let me back up a moment…

I bought a car that I do want, but that does not seem to want me. It does not cuddle me close like I need or keep me at peace like I want. It gets me in trouble, most definitely, and gets me to that next spot sign faster than anything. Oh and it looks great parked anywhere, no matter how dirty it is. The car in question is a 2012 Mustang GT in Grabber blue (or as Ms. Giacomini likes to label, “gay” blue).


Julia (yep, named ma’ Mustang), was bought new in the winter of 2011 as an introduction to a new life on the west coast. And west coast life was sweet! Smooth roads, tactful car guys (for the most part), and breathtaking roads but hours away from Vancouver’s metropolitan area. Yeah, this is the place to own a great car. And in many ways, Vancouver masked some of the Mustang’s fatal flaws relatively well for the time that I was there. Even without having to swap out front lower control arms within 5000 km of ownership. But that’s a rant for another day.

Coming back to the eastern part of the country really started to roll out the irk that this car gives me. It’s big, it’s heavy, the interior is pretty bad, it rattles like a car that has 200,000 more km on the clock, and it is a total pig on gas when not on the highway. In fact, this car really only is good for long highway trips, the kind that make you forget about the crappy suspension components that let their wrath be heard over every speed pump and ant farm hill. The cabin is actually fantastically well-insulated even with pillar-less side windows. But who has time for that? I need a car that can be fun 100% of the time. A car that I can wring out next to a Police vehicle and not get pulled over with immediately. A car that can make me really smile without swearing afterwards.

Oh, but wait, there’s more. Then there was one! The winter beater. The sensible transport. The “it’s nasty and I have to park downtown today” car. One 2008 Mazda3. I bought this car last year for, you guessed it, winter duty. My insurance turned out to be a lot cheaper than I was expecting so I threw the book out and bought some tires for the summer months as well. And then the problems started. Rear brake issues, oil burning issues, A/C compressor blew, etc. The car runs and drives great. I still get better-than-advertised fuel economy, and big guys fit comfortably in the back with skis in the trunk. It is a good car. It is a practical car. In many ways, it is better than the Mustang for the city scoot-around. But it’s not enough.

Having both of these cars was supposed to solve all my problems at the expense of the pain and suffering of having two cars. Storage, upkeep, money. Money… And it did solve those problems. I have a sexy sports (pony, for you pedants out there) car for the summer and a practical scooter for the winter that is still kind of fun to drive. But they didn’t do it well. I often try to convince myself to shut up and stick with what I have because that may be a more sensible option. But, there’s more! What if I need to downsize? My living situation could change drastically in the next year or two and I could be stuck having to downsize to one anyway.

Enter the Toyobaru.


As practical as the Mazda? No. As fast as the Mustang? Hell no. A nice in-between? Just maybe. Outfitted with a roof rack or a hitch, these cars are no slouch in the hauling department. I very rarely have rear seat passengers, so for the times that I do, they can deal with the limited rear seat or walk. A common complaint of mine with the Mustang is that 90% of the power is unusable on the street anyway. And the seats… the driving position… the size! Better than both M&M. And much smaller than either…

So I plea to you, my readers. Do I kill two birds with one stone? And is that stone worthy?

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Alex is an automotive journalist from Montreal, Canada since 2008. He is certifiably addicted and doesn’t think of anything but cars. Driving is his drug. He also occasionally suffers from bouts of afro hair.