The Audi Q7 May Have the Most Legroom in the World

3 cylinders, 8 wheel drive, 37 000 lb tractive force, 72 tons.

Wait a second, that’s the London and North Eastern Q7. I was driving the Audi Q7. Sorry about that. The Audi Q7 might have great exterior styling. I’m not sure, since it was in a big tyvek bag. I could probably google a photo of it (in fact I will have to later), but I’m not going to right now.  I can tell you that this is a BIG SUV.  That has a lot of benefits for interior room. Every time I get into a vehicle, the seat is all the way back. It’s a requirement, and one I don’t really mind.  Most times, I get in, buckle up, adjust the mirrors and go. In the Q7, I couldn’t reach the pedals. I’m not short, and I’m not thin, so it’s rare that I get an abundance of legroom. New GM cars are usually pretty good (I can drive with my head fully behind the B-pillar of a Cruze), but I can still reach the pedals. The Q7 has NBA levels of legroom. I feel like a little kid sitting in Dad’s B-body Impala, only this time if I manage to finally reach a pedal I don’t have to worry about getting yelled at for flooding the engine.

The Q7 has another strange feature. It has a turn key ignition AND a start button. I’ve driven about 10 of them, and some let you use the start button with no key, but some REQUIRED YOU TO TURN THE “KEY”. They were all equipped the same way. This doesn’t make any sense. Why would you have both? Have a key or have a button. Cars where you have to insert the key and then press the button? I guess that’s acceptable, but turn key and push button? What needless complication is this?

Audi Q7 Score: Really nice, but the key thing is irritating. 20 km/h

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